Saturday, August 27, 2016

Uncle Mike gets married! (good quality pics from Cass and her DSLR)

 This is probably my favorite shot... we look like we are in a business meeting! But just deciding how to pose
 Nailed it!
 It only took 7 years of waiting as the lone dowling girl but in the last 3 years I gained 3 sisters in law!!! totally worth the wait!
 all the dowling ladies
 heart eyes for laura's dress and train!!
 it was so so pretty and just as beauty and the beast looking (her theme) as I expected!

 love that missy miss
 gorgeous shot of the not so newlyweds


 Thanks to Cassie for capturing some amazing shots!! Maybe in a few years when everyone else has little ones running around and mine are grown up enough for me to not have to chase them all the time, I will invest in a DSLR... one can dream can't she? And Thanks to mike and laura for getting married on such a perfect weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Uncle Mike gets married!! (pics from my iphone plus a few given to me)

only 400 pictures to get from this
 to this:
 SO pretty!

 the first thing I saw coming out of the wedding (in a temple, where there are not usually kids inside). perfection, are they not??

 oh, that boy!!
 binky master... gotta catch em all!
 chillin with auntie 'chessa
 Lan was not impressed with uncle blake.
 The newlyweds emerge!!
 All the brothers

 some of the cousins who came
 Siblings and spouses pic
 Probably our first nice picture solo in about 6 years....
 Hey look! I have makeup! And my hair is done! and I am not wearing workout clothes! It's a miracle.
 Lo on the right kept doing this funny move and it was cracking me up!
 I can practically hear him squealing in this shot

 love these people
 SASSIEST GIRLS! same lips, same nails.
 I still remember facetiming Blake while he was about to go on his mission in the MTC 4 summers ago and telling him (I had just found out) that we were pregnant with #2! It is my favorite thing to see our siblings develop these wonderful relationships with our children.
 I wish this was a better shot of the temple but the weather was perfect! So pretty in the morning.
 The money shot/christmas card!
 and my favorite sequence that was COMPLETELY staged by yours truly but I could not resist! The lighting was perfect, and I probably need this series framed in my house.

 With Auntie Nat.... have I mentioned how awesome my sisters in law are?
 They are. And I loved playing paprazzi in this shot (little a stealing natalie's bag)
 Little a finally warmed up to Auntie 'Chessa (not actually an aunt but she's basically family!) and let her braid her hair, then cried like mad when she left after the reception and didn't give her a hug (we chased her down, don't worry!). I love that my kids all have quilts from Concessa! she is so talented in so many ways!
 I managed to run around temple grounds post wedding photos to get the babies to sleep... they napped for over an hour (Lo was almost 2!!) and Concessa and I managed to get a walk (in circles, but beggars can't be choosers!) and catch up for a bit before the luncheon.
 Did I mention luncheon? Pure madness.
 Panda and the Salt Lake City Temple.  All sorts of heart eyes.
 before the reception, we hung out at aunt jamie's and there were puppies that were small enough for little a to carry around... so she did. Nacho and Dash!
 And it basically made Lan's day that because he was carrying food around, Dash was following him around and he thought it was the best thing ever! Giggling all over the house.
 Meanwhile, Lo was sweeping up the backyard....
 and the big kids were enjoying some downtime with Nat and Blake.
 Panda signing "all done" as soon as I wanted to take a pic of him with Aunt Nat (Lo was attatched at my hip nearly the whole trip, and would cry if anyone else tried to hold him so I have very few pictures of him!)
 and another one with uncle blake and her mermaid bandaid
 but she did finally get a chance to dance with the "princess" Laura the Bride! (little d was catching pokemon with some of the uncles and then watching avengers on someone's phone)
 Newest married man of the dowling family!
 And I don't have enough pictures of little d with (second) cousin Remi but he was super enamoured with her and they had so much fun dancing together!
 all the brothers and cousins at the reception and their spouses and kids! (okay, my kids and remi!)
 we were all exhausted come saturday night! It was a wonderful crazy and whirlwind long weekend and we were so happy to be a part of it!